One of the best things a person can do to get very cheap auto insurance is to be sure that they have a clean, accident and incident free driving record, with no points on the record. Careful and safe driving is usually rewarded with lower rates, and if a drivers record is free of any violations, tickets or accidents, their auto insurance premiums should be lower.

Sometimes insurance rates can be lowered by taking good defensive driving courses as well. Knowing how to drive safely and defensively and having the skills necessary to drive in hectic traffic situations may also be rewarded. This is especially true if a driver can show that they have taken steps to improve their driving skills by taking a good defensive driving course. And, taking a defensive driving course can help a driver to keep their record clean, thereby allowing them to enjoy lower rates for auto insurance.

Another great way to get very cheap auto insurance is to shop around. Many websites have a feature on their site that enables drivers to type in a zip code and sometimes answer a few questions, and then a car insurance quote will show up from several different auto insurers. Comparison shopping can yield great results when trying to find very cheap auto insurance. Make sure that the comparisons are for the same or very similar coverage, however. Sometimes a rate can appear to be lower, but it is only because the coverage is less.

Another way to shop around to save on auto insurance is by calling and by asking friends and relatives about their insurance. Many times, family members that are getting great rates can recommend outstanding insurance options. Keeping an open mind and shopping around can very effectively lower the rates a driver pays for auto insurance.

There are also other things drivers can proactively do that will save them money on their auto insurance. One of these is to drive an older and safer vehicle. An older car won’t require much if any collision insurance, so one cost can be dropped this way. A safer vehicle will sometimes automatically qualify for discounted auto insurance, depending on how good the safety record of the vehicle is.

Most people are aware that it will cost much less to insure a four door sedan type family vehicle than it will to insure a Ferrari. But a lot of people are not aware that vehicles with great safety records, and that are rated very highly for safety can also qualify for lower rates. Its something to think about when considering purchasing a vehicle. Although having a Ferrari or a Corvette might be fun, think of what the insurance cost may be to own that vehicle, and it becomes wiser to purchase the vehicle that costs less to insure.

And the more highly a vehicle is rated for safety is not only a benefit to help drivers to get very cheap auto insurance, it is also a great benefit to keep yourself and your loved ones safer if you ever are involved in an accident. Peace of mind that comes with owning a vehicle with a great safety record is very worthwhile.

So, by doing these three things, keeping a great driving record free of accidents or incidents, shopping around for the very best policy at the best price, and being aware of the type of vehicle being driven, it is possible to get super cheap auto insurance. And the extra time and effort required can greatly pay off when it is time to send in those premiums for auto insurance.