It is possible to find cheap online car insurance through patience and persistence, and finding it requires time to research websites to search for better rates. The best online sources will usually have a feature that allows drivers to simply answer a few questions, and enter some information such as zip code, and then will compare four or five insurance companies right there online. Quote comparison features are a good way to receive a cheaper rate.

It is easier to obtain cheaper rates if drivers are aware of some money saving tips first. It’s often easier to find cheaper insurance on vehicles that have higher safety ratings given to them. Other effective ways to get cheaper insurance are by comparison shopping, inquiring about age based discounts, being a safe driver, living in a lower crime area if possible, and by having a shorter commute time to work.

Age based discounts are usually given to drivers between the ages of 25 to 55, provided that they have a good driving record free of incidents or points. It is wise to inquire about these discounts, because they can sometimes decrease premiums by up to 20%. Once a person reaches their mid 50’s, rates can go up, but other factors can be taken into consideration as well so the increase may not be as much.

If it is possible, living in a lower crime area will have an impact on rates. Knowing that a car will be parked at night in a safer area lowers the risk of the car being broken into, damaged or even stolen while it is parked overnight. This will usually result in a lower rate.

When a driver has a shorter commute time, their rate will usually be somewhat lower, since the chances of being involved in an accident decrease when shorter distances are driven. Where the car is parked during the day can also have an impact on the rate paid.

If possible, before shopping for car insurance, it is good to try to fix any bad credit scores. Those with higher scores will often receive lower rates. A clean driving record will also have an impact. Trying not to get things like tickets and violations should make the rates lower due to a good driving record.

Finding cheap online car insurance takes a little time, but is well worth the extra time and effort put into it. Keeping in mind all of the possible discounts will have an effect on the premiums paid, as will other things that drivers can do like increasing deductible amounts. Higher deductibles in place can lower insurance rates. If a driver is willing to shoulder more of the cost if an accident occurs, their insurance rates should be reduced. This is usually a good way to get a lower rate, especially if a driver is able to maintain a great accident free driving record.

Older vehicles will typically receive lower rates to insure, and the type of vehicle driven really does matter as well. It is cheaper to insure a four door family type sedan, for example, than an expensive sports car such as a Jaguar.

Another way to get cheaper car insurance is to consolidate policies. If ones homeowners policy is with a company, by also having their auto policy with the same insurer, the company will often give discounts for multiple policies held. Another thing to inquire about is multiple vehicle discounts. If more than one vehicle is insured by the same car insurance company, sometimes drivers will receive a lower rate.

It is possible to find cheap online car insurance, if drivers are willing to do whatever is within their power to receive lower rates, such as keeping driving records and credit records clean. If drivers are willing to take a little extra time to do research online, it is possible to find cheap online car insurance. The money potentially saved will make it worth any extra work required. Some drivers are able to save hundreds of dollars each year by following these tips, and are thrilled when they are able to lower their insurance rates. Insurance is absolutely necessary to have, but it doesn’t have to be overwhelmingly expensive.