While many people might not know it, towing a caravan or other trailer behind your car or truck requires insurance, just as driving a car does. Determining whether your trailer is covered by your existing insurance policy or if you need to purchase additional insurance is an important step in making your towing experience safe and happy.

Consult the Auto Insurance Policy

In many cases, trailer insurance is actually included in the auto insurance policy of the car that is towing it. It is thus important to consult the existing insurance policy to see if extra caravan insurance is appropriate and what kinds of damages the car insurance policy might cover. Many cheap car insurance policies will, for instance, cover damage to the caravan caused by an accident but not other kinds of damage. If the caravan is valuable or is carrying valuable items, it may be a good idea to get extra insurance.

Caravan Liability Coverage

Because caravans do not have their own motors, they are not required to carry liability coverage. Usually this part of the auto insurance policy for the vehicle that is towing it. However, it may be that the insurance company will require the policyholder to add on to the liability coverage for the vehicle to cover the trailer. Car insurance companies may also have their own safety standards for caravans, so it will be important to check with the insurance company before hitching up the caravan.

Physical Damage

Though many car insurance companies cover liability for caravans, they may not cover damages to the caravan that occur either as the result of a collision or through other kinds of incidents like fires, floods, animals, theft, and others. To cover these types of damage, the policyholder may usually add comprehensive and collision insurance through his or her existing insurance company or consult a company that specializes in Recreational Vehicle and caravan trailer coverage. Specialized policies may cover more incidents.

Contents and Personal Property

While trailer or caravan insurance policies cover the trailer if it is damaged or stolen, they may not cover the value of the contents of the caravan. If there are electronics, appliances, generators, and other big-ticket items stored or used in the caravan, having insurance to protect the contents of the trailer may be extra important. Trailer insurance policies will also cover things like clothing and other personal belongings that are probably not covered under the auto insurance policy.

Roadside Assistance

Finally, having caravan insurance that covers towing and roadside assistance can keep a vacation from ending in disaster. A breakdown of either the caravan or the vehicle towing it can be very expensive if the vehicle has to be towed, as a regular tow truck can’t tow both the car and its trailer. Specialty RV and caravan trailer insurance will include towing and sometimes even the cost of a hotel room if the caravan is not fit for habitation because of a breakdown, accident, or other event.

Towing a trailer behind your car or truck can be easy and fun and a great way to take a vacation with your family. Making sure that you have the right insurance to deal with any unforeseen incidents will enable you to enjoy your caravanning without worrying.

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