Sports cars are expensive to insure, for obvious reasons. Sports cars are expensive and they are designed to go fast, so they are at bigger risk for both theft and accidents. Car insurance companies charge more because they are more likely to have to pay out a claim on these cars. It is possible, however, to lower the insurance on your sports car by choosing the right car insurance company.

American Collectors Insurance

American Collectors Insurance offers a variety of insurance plans for collectible vehicles. These include antique and classics but also modern exotics and limited-production sports cars, muscle cars, hot rods, and street rods. These policies are designed to cover some of the unique expenses that come with collectible vehicles, including higher costs, difficulty finding parts, and others. To qualify for this insurance, such vehicles must be kept in a closed, locked garage, not be the primary vehicle, and not be used for street or drag racing.


GEICO typically comes in at or near the top on lists of best car insurance companies. The company is an industry leader in customer satisfaction and is well-known for having affordable insurance for cars of all kinds. GEICO also often has the lowest insurance rates. They do this by offering a broad range of discounts, including safe driver, vehicle safety equipment discounts, good student discounts, group membership discounts, and others that sports car drivers may qualify for, as well. They also partner with American Collectors Insurance on collectible cars.


Progressive is another nationally-known car insurance company that often comes in high on a list of best car insurance companies. They have a lot of discounts, including Accident Forgiveness, safe driver, mileage, good student, multicar, homeowner’s discounts, and others depending on the area and plan selected. These discounts can lower costs for all kinds of insurance, including those for sports cars and other specialty vehicles. Progressive has built their reputation on saving drivers hundreds of dollars a year on car insurance.


Esurance is one of the newest national brands in car insurance, having started in 1998, but its popularity indicates that it is doing a great job, both as an insurance company and in saving drivers money. Esurance may not be available in all areas, but it is easy to find out online if you qualify. They offer many different discounts, including claim-free discounts, multi-car discounts, homeowner’s discount, good driver discount, the Switch & Save discount, and others that can significantly reduce sports car insurance rates.


A final company to look at when considering sports car insurance is Allstate. Another widely-known insurance company, Allstate offers a lot of discounts that can greatly reduce insurance premiums, and they are known for saving customers money over several of the other leading companies. Discounts include safe driver, new car, 55 and older drivers, good student, vehicle safety equipment discounts, and discounts for bundling different kinds of insurance. Drivers may be eligible for more than one of these discounts at the same time.

The trick to finding affordable sports car insurance is shopping around to find the best coverage for the lowest price. Make sure that you check out these companies and others before you buy your sports car insurance!

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