In the unfortunate event that an auto accident occurs, it is important that those involved know what steps to take and what to do immediately following an accident. For instance, there are some things that people should consider when exchanging information. In addition, staying at the scene of the accident until the proper authorities arrive is necessary. Finally, to be prepared in the event of an auto accident, certain items should be kept in the vehicle at all times.

Immediately Following an Accident

Immediately following an auto accident, those involved will most likely experience high levels of stress. With this in mind, it is helpful to remain as calm as possible in this situation. Check for physical injuries for all who are involved, as the health of the people involved in the accident is most important. Once everyone has been checked out, if it is appropriate to do so, move the cars to a safer location. In addition, use tools such as hazard lights, cones and triangles to warn other drivers. Finally, call the police to report the accident.

Exchanging Information

If possible, take observation of the damages to all vehicles and write this information down. Additionally, make sure to exchange information with the other driver and confirm that the information obtained is accurate and belongs specifically to the driver. Eyewitnesses can be helpful later in the process, so try to get any contact information from anyone who happens to be on the scene. Most likely, you will be notifying your insurance agent about the accident soon, so remember to keep the information handy so that you will be able to make an accurate report.


Remain respectful and gracious throughout the encounter, as much as possible. Again, this is a high stress situation, but it will not likely help to be rude. When discussing the accident with the other driver and the police, do not announce that you are at fault. In addition, be sure to state only the facts as most people involved are shaken up and need time to consider the events with a cool and clear head. Moreover, always be truthful about the information given.

Items to Keep in the Car

Several items can be kept inside the vehicle at all times to prepare for the possibility of an auto accident. Always keep a pen and paper handy for taking notes if an accident occurs. In addition, cones, flares or warning triangles in the car can prove to be quite useful. Have a card available containing all necessary medical information about family members and keep your car insurance card in the vehicle at all times. Additionally, many people keep a camera in the car, even if it is just disposable. However, you may want to update the camera every so often to ensure it works properly.

Car accidents are always unhappy events, but they occur quite frequently. Being prepared as much as possible and knowing what to do if you are involved in an auto accident can certainly help make a stressful situation less intense. Make sure that you know what to do immediately following an accident and remember, notifying the police is important even for a minor accident. Finally, exchange current information with the other driver and stay on the scene until the police arrive.

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