Many students struggle with finding affordable auto insurance. Driving is such a convenient way for most people to travel, including students; however, car insurance rates for this age group can be very high. In light of this, some colleges have affiliations with companies that offer discounts. As a result, students are added to a family plan that already exists in efforts to save money on premiums. Additionally, certain low mileage, low risk vehicles do not cost as much as other vehicles to insure. In addition, a student’s grades can also help get cheaper car insurance premiums.

Affiliations and Discounts

In an effort to help students remain focused on their studies, many universities provide sponsored programs to help with every day matters. There are also discounts available for some affiliations. These types of programs and affiliations can be evaluated and investigated by students at their school. Further, some insurance companies promote services to specific universities and may come to students. Finally, students can pole local auto insurance companies to see if they are currently participating in similar programs.

Family Auto Insurance Plan

Many students find that being added to an existing parent’s policy can save a considerable amount of money, resulting in cheaper car insurance In fact, this is a very effective way for students to afford auto insurance. As a result, rates for cheap car insurance are frequently less expensive for students who are added to their parent’s policy. Because of this, family auto insurance plans typically require students to reside in the same home with their parents to qualify to be included on the family plan.

Low Mileage Auto, Low Risk Vehicle

Another way that students can get cheaper car insurance premiums is by choosing a certain type of vehicle. Studies indicate that there are low mileage cars that simply do not cost as much to insure as other vehicles. Additionally, low risk vehicles are less expensive to insure when compared with many alternatives. Certainly, an older family vehicle costs less to insure than a new sports car for anyone, especially for a student.

Good Grades

Students do have some control over their car insurance rates and can directly influence their auto insurance premiums. A student can receive better rates for their car insurance if they maintain good grades. In light of this, students who achieve an average B grade level can receive incentives for their car insurance and pay less for coverage. For many students, the good grades discounts are dependent upon their ability to drive, which is good for all involved.  Students will work hard for good grades and insurance companies will be insuring good students.

Everyday students face having to pay higher rates for auto insurance because of their age group and student status. Luckily, there are a few ways for students to get a little break and get cheaper car insurance. Some universities have affiliations and sponsored programs that can assist students with lower rates. Additionally, students can purchase lower mileage and lower risk vehicles for better rates. Finally, students who live at home can be added to a family plan and maintain grades above average to reap the benefits of cheaper car insurance.

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