You Can find Cheaper car insurance

It’s probably been awhile since you did any serious car insurance shopping and you need cheaper car insurance.  The insurance policy you’ve had for years seems to fit you nicely; but then how would you know what rates are out there if you haven’t taken the time to check on some quotes from other companies? There are plenty from which to choose. They seem to grow like poppies in a vacant field, pounding your TV screen morning, noon, and night with hype on how you can save money by making a switch. On the other hand if you’re loaded down with a current wheelbarrow full of car insurance loyalty it probably goes in one ear and out the other.

However the grass may well be greener on the other side of the car insurance company quotes. Loyalty is one thing; cheaper car insurance is another, and it’s available if you know how the “game” is played. If you want to save money and still get decent DMV required insurance levels you need to ask questions of the company or agent. Often an agent of any particular major insurance companies won’t volunteer stuff like discounts you may qualify for because it’s not in their “price” playbook.

So here’s a perfect example of how you can easily dispose of two DMV required items on any existing insurance policy that will save you hundred of bucks in the process. If you have what is called in the used vehicle parlance as a “beater” or “clunker” that is at least 10 years old or older, dump the comprehensive and collision from your plan pronto. These are not compatible with cheaper car insurance, in fact both are the most expensive coverage items no matter who the insurer is. And while you’re at it, increase your liability coverage 10 percent to 15 percent over what your state minimum requirement is. Also don’t sweat the DMV about making this move. As long as you have liability protection, your DMV could care less.

Most all auto insurers have a rather complicated formula they are required to follow that, in the long haul, will determine your premium price costs:

* Make and model and Blue Book value of your auto.
* The state and city or small town area where you live
* How old you are and whether you’re single or married
* Your current DMV report about your driving history in terms of accidents and violations

Finally, locating the path to getting cheap car insurance you must compare rates; providers are not all the same. Some may have a discount to offer, but they may not tell you about it, so make sure you ask your insurance provider about any discounts. Common ones include taking a safe driving course, having multiple cars or multiple driver. Other insurers may say if you pay the policy in full you’ll receive a nice discount on your cheaper car insurance policies. Another trail to follow in getting car discounts and saving money is to locate your policies, go online, and compare what others have to offer. And if you can afford it raise your deductible limits. It is a true fact that the higher your deductible; the lower your premium price payments and you save big.

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