With Christmas just around the corner, the car enthusiast in your life deserves a little holiday cheer. While it is probably out of the budget to gift a brand new car (we wish!), you can still make the day special for your car lover. Need some ideas? Check out these great Christmas gifts for anyone who owns/drives/loves a car.

Leather driving gloves.

As the temps begin to drop, drive your car in style with a pair of deluxe leather driving gloves. Most people won’t buy a luxury item like this for themselves, so it is the perfect gift. Avoid looking like a high-paid chauffeur and pick gloves in any color but shiny black. Opt for a luxe and milky brown for extra classiness.

Steering wheel cover.

Covers come in almost any fabric, design or pattern. For the classier driver, opt for a classic leather cover with easy to grab handles. A whimsical driver (or a teenage girl) would love a animal print, fuzzy cover. Have a finicky driver on your hands? Grab a couple so they can change it out on a whim.

Car wax.

Serious car enthusiasts use wax regularly on their cars after each wash. Car wax gives the car a smooth finish while protecting the paint from any blemishes. Basic wax is fine for most cars, but if your loved one drives a collectors or vintage car, check with the local mechanic (or online) for recommended brands. Sure, car lovers can purchase this themselves, but now they won’t have to.

Car wash coupons.

Anyone who drives a car will LOVE this gift, which doubles as the perfect stocking stuffer. Car washes can be expensive, so many people often don’t wash their cars. But regular and thorough car washes remove impurities that can damage your car over time, especially during the winter when a car is most susceptible to rust from salt in the road. Coupons for the car wash could be as simple as a quick wash at the gas station up to a professional cleaning.

Professional detailing.

Generally a bit expensive, a professional detailing makes any car look brand new. Detailing often comes in stages, each one offering more services and a deeper clean. To get the most bang for your buck, select the service that cleans car seats and washes your car. Unless you drive around with messy kids or a shedding dog, professional detailing is an infrequent need. While pricey, this is a very welcomed stocking stuffer for anyone who loves a clean car.

Ice scraper.

The ice scraper is always lost when you need it, so why not gift another? Take it up a notch and gift one that extends for maximum ice removal capabilities.

Exotic car test drive.

Can’t afford an Aston Martin? You can pretend you do with an exotic car drive. Companies offer a two to four hour driving tour featuring Lambourghinis, Ferraris and Bentleys. An experience of a lifetime.

Subscription to Car and Driver magazine.

Drool over the cars you just drove, while learning about the latest and greatest.

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