Unless you’ve been living in a cave in the wilds of of the countryside, you should know that the prices on most everything have taken a hike-up, not down. However, if you’re careful where you look and your vehicle is not fresh off the showroom floor, scoring cheaper insurance is in the cards for you if you have the letter “P” on your side: patience and perseverance. Tips are forthcoming so standby.

However before you get underway in your journey to find cheap car insurance, you need a few items at your fingertips so you can have answers to these questions that are sure to come from an insurance agent.

– What do you use your vehicle for? Business, commuting, what?
– What are your expected annual mileage figures?
– Where is your car parked at night? Garage, covered carport or driveway?
– What is your car registration number?

Cutting the cost of your auto insurance premium also involves these items:

– Limiting who is actually driving your auto; you’ll save money if it’s just you the owner.
– The key mileage mark is 12,000 annually. They all use this it especially for new cars.
– Garage parking counts a bunch, but a driveway also gets consideration.
– Having some kind of security device: alarm, tracker, or immobilizers really counts.

Here is the real “meat and potatoes” in locating and getting affordable car insurance policies.

The advantage of discounts. Loyalty discounts are available from most companies if people stay more than 12 months with the same insurance company. Also a student driver discount for good grades, plus special safety equipment, a drivers education courses and having multiple cars on your policy. But remember, you won’t get any of these if you don’t ask.
Find another auto insurance provider. If you’ve been tossed into the “who cares” zone by your insurance company, start checking out other companies for cheaper rates especially if you have some of the “goodies” mentioned in the discount section.
If you’re accident and ticket free past and present and can afford it, raise your insurance deductible. The higher the deductible the cheaper your auto insurance rate.

Now comes the real “auto insurance zinger.” This mainly involves a car that’s at least 7 years old; preferably 10 years or more. Drop some insurance you no longer need or that is required by your state DMV. Immediately, eliminate the collision and comprehensive coverage off your policy. You’re paying more in insurance premiums than the car is worth. Finally increase your liability coverage that protects you and you save money.

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