For my dad’s 52 birthday he bought himself a motorcycle. We all thought he had lost it. A true, classic mid-life crisis was on our hands.

While many kids would be mortified if their dad started tooling around town on a motorcycle, but I started to think about it. Driving a motorcycle makes sense.

Here are 5 reasons why you should ditch your car for a motorcycle.

1. Motorcyclists save on gas.

As the mercury rises in the summer, so do gas prices. Right now unleaded gas is topping over $3.50 a gallon. For a regular sized car with an average of 27 or so miles per gallon, that is not cheap. Motorcycles can reach up to 40-60 miles per gallon, almost doubling the fuel efficiency of cars. Wouldn’t you like to spend half as much on gas each month?

2. Driving a motorcycle is more fun.

There is no feeling like having the wind in your hair as you zip down the road. In the first week of owning his motorcycle, my dad put more than 500 miles on it. The arduous task of just driving in a car is replaced by a fun ride. He found any excuse to drive it. The instant rush can’t be described.

3. The overall driving cost is lower for motorcyclists.

Cheaper gas prices aside, driving a motorcycle is cheaper than driving a car. First off, the total sale price of a motorcycle is going to be a fraction of what you spend on a car. Sure, you can’t carry as much stuff and fewer people, that trade off is often handed down through a lower price. The maintenance on a motorcycle is often less because motorcycles do not receive the same wear and tear as a car. While cars are meant to hold more people, that extra weight can bear down on a vehicle. Insurance on a motorcycle is also generally cheaper than a car.

4. Motorcycles have increased maneuverability.

Motorcycles can fit where most cars can’t. Small alleyways, traffic jams and busy streets- all are places where motorcyclists have the advantage. Creative driving is not very common in the U.S., but assertive motorists in places like Europe fill the streets. It is expected for motorcycles to jump ahead of cars and squeeze in between buses. Motorcyclists often get extra privileges. In Utah the carpool lane is opened up to motorcyclists as well. This perk is well worth it in time not spent in traffic.

5. Better parking spots.

Check the front row of every big football game, movie theater or grocery store. The row closest to the front will  likely be lined with handicap spots and motorcycles. Because of their fuel efficiency and compact size, motorcycles get prime spots. For a big sporting event, you can show up late and zip away right after the game.

Driving a motorcycle gives the drivers many advantages over car drivers. Sure, no air conditioning can be a bummer, but when you can zip past cars stuck in traffic you will have the last laugh.

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