It certainly isn’t surprising that we all know that gas prices are high, very high. This is also probably something that isn’t going to change anytime soon.  Which isn’t really good news for anyone. Things are also at risk of getting worse. Many people are looking at Natural Gas as a solution.

This is part I of a two part series on natural gas and understanding if it is a fit in your daily lives. We will be looking at better understanding Natural Gas. You may be surprised to see how much it is being used in your daily lives.  In the second part, we will look at what it takes to convert your gasoline car into one that takes Natural Gas.

There are always options to help with avoiding the pinch in our wallet that comes with increasing gas prices. Many people are taking advantage of the different options. The first choice is to drive less. We’ve become so accustomed to extra trips, driving when and how we want, that maybe we overdo it. Is it unreasonable for us to become a little wiser in our driving.

Another option is to car pool.  I don’t think there is anything bad to say about carpooling, unless you don’t like the driver or there is an issue of road anger. Then again, if you are jammed in the back seat with someone who smells really bad, that could be an issue.

Another option is choosing public transportation. I have several friends who do this and find that they are actually saving themselves time. It may take longer to get to work or school, but they are also productive during that time. It is also a good option.

A great option is to purchase a vehicle with better gas mileage. Thousands of people are turning in their old guzzler for something electric or for something with better gas mileage.

But the primary option discussed today will circle around the idea of a vehicle with natural gas. You can purchase one or change your car from a gasoline driving vehicle to a natural gas one.

Natural Gas as a whole

It is estimated that just under 25% of our total energy, not just in cars, but overall, is consumed using natural gas.  It is believed to be a far more eco-friendly form of energy. It has carbon emissions rating s that are more than 20% better than gasoline.  Greenhouse gases are also far less with Natural gas, to the tune of over 25%.

Natural gas is used to run water heaters, stoves, clothes dryers, other appliances and many other areas of our lives. Natural gas is found inside the ground and is removed through a process that allows it to be used in the vast areas of our lives.

Natural gas could be used for a very long time, even if it completely eliminates gas as we know it. There is enough to last for a very long time.

Drilling for Natural Gas

Natural gas is drilled for, much like gasoline or petroleum. The overall process is quite complicated. It must first be found and then a drilling team creates a well to reach the gas. It is extracted and sent to an area it can be produced. It takes a few modifications because the natural gas that they find in the ground is slightly different than what is pumped into homes or used in cars.  Water, oils, and trace materials are often removed.

The gas is then stored and distributed around the country. The process is amazing and intense. But it appears far cleaner than the process to produce gasoline.

Tune in for part two. We will look at that actual conversion of a gasoline car to natural gas. We will also discuss the biggest problem with natural gas.

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