April Fools is the one time a year when general mischief is not only accepted, it is encouraged. I feel like April Fool’s Day puts people into two categories: those that love pranks (and are OK with getting pranked) and those who despise it. Somehow the two are not always kept in separate quarters making for a very interesting beginning of April.

One of the most classic (and often painful) April Fool’s jokes is when you mess with your friend’s car. Car tricks are very public, embarrassing and often time consuming to clean up after. Here are some of our favorites.

Disclaimer: your friends might get really mad after your joke. Retaliation is almost guaranteed.

  • Open can of shaving cream. This trick is for those you truly hate and don’t mind sabotaging the relationship. This joke is very messy and can potentially damage the car. That being said, it is pretty ingenious. First, you freeze a can of shaving cream. Then you cut open the can (be careful!) and leave the frozen block of shaving cream in the back seat or trunk of the car. As the frozen cream begins to thaw it will continually expand until it fills the whole area. Beware- shaving cream is a beast to clean out of the car.
  • Flour. Bakers will delight in this trick as it involves a common baking ingredient. First you grab a bunch of flour and dump it all over the outside of the car, completely covering it. Sit back and watch. The real trick is in watching how your friend cleans it off. The smart friend will grab a vacuum and suck the flour away. But most people will instinctively try to hose down the car. Flour and water will create a mucky paste that is a pain to remove from a car.
  • Crayons on the windshield. Grab a a bunch of crayons that are broken into small-ish pieces (2 inches or so) and place in a row underneath the windshield wiper. When the driver turns on the windshield wipers, a giant streak of colorful crayons will paint a rainbow on the windshield. Tricky and colorful.
  • Black paint. Grab some temporary black paint (that is safe on cars) and give the car a good coat under areas that are already black like tires, wheel wells, side mirrors and the bumper. When it rains, the car will look like it has sprung a huge oil leak (or has a good mascara smear).
  •  Hidden jacks. Grab two car jacks and put them at the rear end of the car. Jack up the car so the tires are just barely off the ground, but look like they are touching. When your friend goes to start the car and push on the gas, he or she won’t be able to go anywhere!
  • Glove box tricks. Place an embarrassing item in your friend’s glove box. (Use your imagination.) Next time he opens the glove box (probably for a traffic stop or on a date), let the uncomfortable joke live on.

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