Most people wear sunglasses for a variety of reasons. Often though, it is for an appearance only and by the looks of some of the sunglasses that are seen nowadays, that is completely crazy. . I’m not saying that if your going to wear sunglasses that you should look terrible. I actually think the opposite. But, sunglasses should be used for what they are made for, protecting against the sun.

Sunglasses can be in hundreds of different colors, styles, and uses. They can be used while driving, running, skiing, and even in outer space.   But the key factor is to keep sun out of your eyes. You may not buy the most expensive sunglasses possible, but the benefits are undeniable.  So whatever your style is, make sure that you wear sunglasses, especially while driving. I know that I don’t leave home without my sunglasses.

Sun Glare

If you really knew the amount of lawsuits that have been placed on behalf of sun glare alone, you would be amazed. Sun glare has caused more accidents and injuries than you can ever imagine. Being unable to see a car, a pedestrian, or even losing control yourself is a common occurrence with sun glare.

Legal documents have attempted to illustrate this in different terms: sun blindness, disability glare, veiling glare, sun block, sun dazzle, and my favorite…that stupid sun.

What is happening to the eye itself?

The eye is a very sensitive organ or tissue. It is one of the five main senses. But it is hard to overestimate the importance of good eyesight. The retina is what controls the amount of light that is allowed into the eye.

In effect with sun glare, the sun is causing a ‘wash out’ image in your eyesight. This glare is physically altering to the ability of the retina to control light that is being introduced into your optic nerve or the nerve that transmits the picture to your brain to be understood.

If your eye isn’t working and the image isn’t being sent to your brain properly, bad things can happen.

Does Sun Glare Affect You More as You Age?

All studies and research point to a logical answer. Yes! As your age increases, it appears that you are more affected by the sun glare. This could be from a physical aspect, where the retina or other eye problems cause a slower reaction of the eye. Or it is that as you age, you eyesight and things like cataracts or retina damages can make the sun glare worse.

The recovery period also tends to be longer as you get older.  This isn’t an across the board fact, but for the most part, it stands as evident.

The Two Main Sun Glare Causes

First is the most obvious. That is when direct sunlight causes a sun glare. For the most part, this occurs in the early morning or late afternoon. It also becomes worse depending on the direction you are traveling. Often highways that cross east and west are the most affected.

The second is the secondary reflection of the light off of other car’s hoods, mirrors, or even the back windows. This can be just as altering and difficult to adjust. A large number of people are affected from the glare off of snow in the winter. This can be very blinding and problematic.   Even glare from the road, adjacent rivers, and lakes can cause effects.

Back to Sunglasses

If you are driving a car and wearing sunglasses that look great but their lenses do relatively little, then you are missing the point. And sunglasses are full proof. Glare still can cause problems to those who are wearing sunglasses.

The best bet is to wear the best pair you can afford. A little protection is far better than no protection.

Lenses that are 100% polarized are the only true bet to stop glare. They are typically a more expensive pair of glasses. Polarized glasses help filter the sunlight and help deflect the concentrate light waves that are being seen.  99 percent of the glare is thus reflected.

Prevent that Headache or that Accident

Many people are affected by glare more than just the temporarily loss of your eyesight. Some individuals have resulting headaches and migraines from glare. Have you ever had that massive headache after skiing or looking at bright white snow for too long? Most anyone will have a headache as a result.

But others, all it takes is a simple passing sun glare and the rest of their day is gone. They will encounter a serious headache where vomiting, vision changes, light sensitivity and more will affect them. Wearing their sunglasses could have prevented it all.

What a terrible feeling it is too loose control, just for an instant, and cause an accident. It happens on a daily basis.

Remember to wear your sunglasses when driving. It not only looks cool, but can save a life.

I personally get these types of headaches and often buy expensive glasses that protect against the glare. I’ve lost a few pairs and even sat on one pair, but the cost is well worth the relief I feel.

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