The leading cause of death for teenagers ages fifteen to twenty is automobile accidents. As someone looking for affordable car insurance for teenagers it is important that you are educated in the importance of putting a safe driver on the street and to teach yourself or your child positive behaviors behind the wheel.

While there are numerous causes for this high statistic, before we go any further in this article there is one important question that you need to ask yourself: How mature is the teenager who is getting behind the wheel?

If you are the parent looking for car insurance for teenagers ask yourself the following questions. Is your teenager ready to handle the responsibility of driving? Does your son or daughter take responsibility of other areas of their life? Do they understand the costs involved in not only buying a vehicle but paying for maintenance, gas, and car insurance? Do they really know how devastating a car accident can be to not only themselves but the rest of their family and the families of others who may have been involved in the accident? If you can answer yes to all of these questions then it sounds as if you have a great teenager on your hands. If you answered no to one or more of these questions then take a step back and really think about if your child should wait another year or two to drive. As their parent that is your decision and only your decision to make.

If you are the teenager looking for car insurance for young drivers yourself, ask yourself the same questions because more than likely your parent has already answered them for you. What do you think they decided?

There is a reason car insurance for teenagers tends to be more expensive and that is because teenagers are involved in three times as many accidents that are fatal than any other age group. Besides making sure a teenager is mature enough to drive they must know the importance of wearing a seatbelt and of driving the speed limit. Reckless driving, talking on a cell phone or texting, listening to loud music, and having other teenagers in the car with them are also dangerous activities teenagers should be discouraged from doing while behind the wheel.

Studies have shown that teenage drivers who have curfews set where they cannot drive at night, who are taught not to drink and drive and who refrain from doing drugs, especially while driving, have the best and safest driving records. Teenagers ages sixteen and seventeen have the highest rate of fatal car crashes, mostly due to inexperience. One of the best things you can do for your teenager is to set an example of how a safe driver drives and to be with them as they learn. It is better that they are taught how to drive from you than from one of their friends.

Affordable student car insurance is out there but insurance companies want to know what you as a teenager or parent have done to prepare for this large responsibility. Are you on the honor roll or do you have good grades? Did you take a drivers education course? As the parent, have you downloaded any of the safe driving kits for parents of teenagers available on the internet? The more you can prove you are prepared, the better the opportunity for a good rate on a car insurance quote. Many companies offer multi-car discounts so try the insurance company you use first. If that seems pricey, call around. In this economy there are many bargains to be found with just a few phone calls.

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