Getting the cheapest auto insurance is a responsible endeavor; with the current economic climate consumers are driven to staying within their budgets and reducing spending whenever possible, and just because carrying auto insurance is a requirement in all States doesn’t mean it has to be expensive. Finding the best discount auto insurance rate isn’t as complicated as you may think, with competition between insurance carriers at an all time high, getting the insurance coverage you need for the lowest price can easily be accomplished if you are willing to invest in a little footwork before you begin shopping for a car insurance quote.

The most important thing to understand before you begin quote shopping is your state minimum insurance requirements. Every state has different requirements for auto insurance coverage that includes bodily injury, property damage, and some states even have PiP (personal injury protection) requirements. Each state has consumer information for auto insurance and visiting your states website can help you fully understand the minimum requirements, as well as information on understanding insurance policy coverage definitions that will help you make a better buying decision.

Another important aspect of buying auto insurance is purchasing riders or additional coverage packages that will extend your policy, covering you in the event of certain circumstances. Three of the most popular and important insurance riders are:

1. Uninsured motorist
2. Under insured motorist
3. Comprehensive coverage

Coverage for uninsured and underinsured motorists is without a doubt the most important options to consider. These policy additions will protect you in the event of being hit by a driver who is either under or uninsured.

Comprehensive coverage, also known as non-collision damage is an important option and will provide additional coverage in situations or events such as:

1. Falling or Flying Objects
2. Damage Due to Contact with birds or animals
3. Windshield Damage

Windshield damage coverage also can be purchased without a deductible, and if you live in a rural area where contact with deer or other wild animals is possible then adding comprehensive coverage into your policy is a wise decision.

Other things to consider in getting the best discount auto insurance rate is examining all of the options that may help you further reduce that monthly premium. One of the most common discount options is the safe driver discount. If you have a good driving record that may be all you need to receive this type of discount, but not all insurance companies automatically offer the discount simply because you have a clean driving record. That doesn’t mean you are exempt from getting a safe driver discount, and one option may be to participate in a driver safety course. You States consumer insurance website can provide you with a list of an approved driver safety courses that are accepted by insurance companies.

Insurance companies like to reward their customers with policy discounts that will help them save money, and there are many common things can help shrink your monthly premium while getting you the coverage you need at the same time. The most common discounts are:

1. Multiple vehicle policies
2. Good student
3. Anti-theft devices
4. Vehicle safety equipment
5. Professional group and organizations

In some cases your insurance agent will want proof before granting you certain discounts. Your agent may have you visit their office to visually inspect your vehicles safety equipment and anti-theft devices. Professional group or organization discounts can easily be verified with your membership card. There are other discounts that particular companies may offer so be sure to ask if there are additional discounts available to you.

Now that you have performed a bit pre-shopping research, it is time to begin shopping for a discount auto insurance quote. You can use the internet to shop popular insurance companies, or pick up the phone and call your local agent directly. Once you have received some insurance quotes you will want to compare them for the amount of coverage each policy offers, its liability limits and differences in protection, and any special benefits you may receive with your policy. Many auto insurance companies offer roadside assistance and other valuable service benefits to their potential customers as inducements for purchasing their cheap auto insurance policy with their company. While many of these benefits may be a value to most drivers, you will want to weigh these added services against other discount auto insurance polices to make sure you are getting the most auto insurance coverage for your money.

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