Technology is advancing but this seems a bit of a stretch. But, ability to get internet on your phone, phone applications, PC tablets, and much more were laughed at…until they became a reality.

Wi-Fi will be in many cars and there is little we can do to stop it.  Let’s be honest, there is little we’ll want to do to stop it once we think about and learn about it.

There will be nearly 200,000 cars that will hit the pavement this year alone with the ability to connect to Wi-Fi.  In five years, that number may be vastly approaching 1 million.

But, Wi-Fi alone may not actually sound that impressive.  Therefore, companies like Ford are making a small change or modification.  They are trying to turn the car itself into a hot spot. This would allow USB, mobile phone, connectivity, and much more to be used. This could improve the radio by ten fold. Think you have access to goo music, try doing this when your car is a hot spot.

Imagine shooting yourself an email, from your car.  Or planning a meeting, controlling the schedule, or signaling your TV to record. You could access your home network and watch the television show that you’ve recorded for your children. Now these new ideas, could mean an endless number of choices.

Audi is looking at combining several Wi-Fi devices such as gaming controls, tablets, and other handhelds in order to share information.

The exciting aspect is that additional companies will begin that will tailor make their companies to these new changes. In the next five years, there could be a hundred new companies providing services that we can’t even imagine today.

New phone or car applications may come out that will be directly for the car. New games will be the onslaught.  Think of angry birds on steroids. And this really isn’t a bad idea.

When we were younger, I went on a road trip for over three thousand miles. It was the best and worse time of my life. I didn’t have a movie player in the car and we didn’t have cell phones. I probably went through two dozen coloring books and listened to the same music a thousand times. It was fun…but it got old real quick.

Now imagine a three thousand mile trip with all the gadgets, accessories, and fun items that will be available. Some parents will laugh at the ridiculous idea of all this technology.  The real issue is what can’t you find?  If your religious and want to listen to a talk, song, or read a scripture.  That can be done.

If you absolutely love the outdoors, and you drive by a mountain, animal, or lake, you can learn more about that animal or area than ever before. You may make a mental note to look it up, say about a rock type in Vail Colorado.  But by the time you get home, there isn’t a point.  But, now, while on the trip, you’ve found a dozen places to visit or explanations.

Imagine visiting a town for the first time. You want to know what to do in that town. Research it while on the way to the city or town. What an amazing concept.

Of course, some will abuse the gaming or music or whatever aspect. But broaden your horizon and look at something new and most importantly, don’t miss something that you don’t have to.

Wi-Fi in cars is an amazing idea. Use it how you need it and enjoy it however you can.

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