For car lovers, car grooming is just as serious as personal hygiene. You would not leave the house without showering so why would you drive around with a dirt-stained car.

Car grooming can be just as complicated as “girl” grooming. No, body wash cannot be used for your body AND your hair. There are separate products for different body parts that all do different things. And there is a technique to do it right.

“Grooming” your car is similar, but thankfully it does not have to break the bank to keep your car shining like it just came out of the ship. The first step is to learn how to polish your car like a professional but without the pro cost. Here is how.

  1. Wash your car. The best results come from washing it by hand because you can be more thorough. The best tip is to wash your car in the shade. Hot, sweltering weather and cold water are a dangerous mix. The combination can be so stark that it will actually crack your windshield. (Been there, done that.) Do not worry about using expensive car soaps, but avoid dish soap; it can be too harsh. Believe it or not, baby shampoo is a gentle and cheap alternative. After your hand wash, rinse the car thoroughly but not do not dry.
  2. Get yourself a polishing wheel. A polishing wheel will give you the look of a professional detailing job. If you are constantly polishing your car, it is wise to invest in your own polishing wheel instead of paying for a pro to do it every time.
  3. Use a damp pad to lightly polish the car. The ultimate goal is to polish well without leaving swirl marks. Even and constant pressure must be applied to avoid the dreaded swirls. To begin, use a medium speed and keep the pad parallel to car. You will start to notice that the scratches will disappear.
  4. Beware of polish gunk. Too much polish on the pad will gunk up. Rinse your pad if necessary to avoid the build up.
  5. Wash your car again. (Think of this as the repeat in ‘lather, rinse, repeat.) Washing by hand again will ensure that any residue (and unsightly swirl marks) will be washed away. Hand washing will allow you to get into every nook and cranny.
  6. Bring out your polishing wheel again, but this time lather it with wax. Car wax is like concealer, it hide blemishes and imperfections, giving your car that ultimate shine. Use the polishing wheel on medium speed and light pressure to keep the wax job even.
  7. While wax is drying, use a specialized microfiber towel (sold at most car shops) to really deep clean the parts of your car that is not supposed to get waxed (windows, grill). Microfiber towels are specially designed to clean thoroughly but are gentle enough not to scratch any surfaces.
  8. Once car is dry, take for a spin and show it off. You deserve it.

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