Driving a car is a lot of responsibility. It is a costly responsibility; if you get in a car accident you will cost yourself a lot of money, or might even cost you lives. Here are some common mistakes that cost drivers money.

  • Bad parking jobs. Being a bad parker is a problem in two ways. #1: there is a good chance you will get a ticket if you are parked illegally. If a cop does not see you, a citizen might rat you out. Illegal parking can be parking on the wrong side of the street (you are supposed to face your parked car in the direction of traffic), parking in a red zone (near a fire hydrant or a stop sign), parking in an area without the correct parking pass, or letting your meter run out. Cops are sticklers in big cities where parking spots are at a premium so be extra careful there. Parking tickets can range from $10 to more than $100. #2: if you are parked badly and your car is poking out, there is a possibility that your car could get hit. This is especially true in parking lots. If you are parked crooked and it makes it difficult for the car next to you to park, don’t be surprised if you see a big ding on the side of your car.
  • Not changing the oil. Changing the oil in your car is a chore. However, it is a chore that can save your car. Without enough oil, a car cannot run. Not changing your oil and running low will put stress on your engine and you could end up replacing that. Trust me, a $30 oil change (and a $4 bottle of oil in between changes) is a lot cheaper than purchasing a new engine. If you need help reminding yourself to change the oil, just look up at your windshield. Most oil changing stations will put a sticker in the corner of your windshield to let you know when you are due for a change.
  • Not obeying traffic laws. This seems intuitive, but it is a hard concept for many drivers to grasp. If you break a traffic law and you get caught, there is a really big chance you will be sent home with a ticket. This ticket can range from traffic school (which is three hours of your life you can never get back) to a hefty fine. Speeding in a work zone can earn you a ticket of up to $600. Traffic laws are not just about your speed. Using your blinker to change lanes, stopping fully at a stop sign and not tailing the car in front of you are ways that you can stay within the law. The opposite will cost you.
  • Not having cheap insurance. Car insurance is meant to save you money. You pay a monthly premium in exchange for a higher payout if you have an accident. Car damage without insurance will come straight out of your pocket. And you can go to court if you are caught driving without insurance.


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