How to Decorate the Wedding Get-away Car

During a traditional (read: boring) wedding reception, the groomsmen and bridesmaids have little other to do than flirt with each other. If they are lucky, the bride and groom won’t force them to stand in the line (because that would be dreadful for all parties involved). But that leaves them with a few hours to twiddle their thumbs and wait until the exciting parts of the reception (read: bouquet and garter toss, wedding cake cutting).

That is until the popular trend of decorating the get-away car.

The trend of decorating the car of the bride and the groom started by typing cans to the back of the car, making a racket as they leave the reception. Slowly over the years, the decorating trend has increased with more elaborate decorations. Now it can be over the top and downright vulgar- usually at the hands of some bored and creative groomsmen.

This excitement has lead wary brides and grooms to hide the get-away car or use decoys to avoid the embarrassment of riding down the highway with suggestive phrases scrawled on the windshield. Or some have hired someone (like a limo service) to take them away, removing the chance that their friends will not ruin their car.

But decorating the car for a wedding does not have to ruin the car. Nor does it have to make the bride and groom rush for the nearest car wash. Here are some tips and other things to think about when decorating the car for a bride and groom.

  • Use window paint. Window paint is the wonderful accessory to wedding car decorating. Window paint usually comes in the primary colors and can be found at big box stores like Wal-mart or party stores. You can use them for designs, phrases, pictures, you name it. However, note that window paint is for windows only.  It will ruin a paint job and stain the tires. So make sure that you can draw inside of the lines before you start writing.
  • Get crafty with food. Eggs are the ultimate no-no. It will ruin the car, stink up the neighborhood and make everyone cry. If you must use food, try Oreos and stick those to the windshield and windows. Just stick off the paint and tires.
  • Fill car with balloons. Bored groomsmen love putting funny things inside of the car. But remember- this should be the best night of their lives, do not ruin it by spraying shaving cream or silly string throughout the car. A fun, easy way to make a big impact is to fill the car with balloons- no helium needed. In this case, the more balloons the better.
  • Cans of soda. So here is the soda trick can: tie full cans of soda to the back of the car and tie the string to the tab of the can. When the bride and groom drive off, the soda will spray like a fountain. Just make sure to know your city’s rules: some forbid debris trailing from a car.

Happy decorating!

You don’t want to increase their car insurance rates by destroying their car now do you?

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