Use Vinegar on Your Car, And Other Helpful Tips

The scene plays out the same every morning: after hitting my snooze alarm for about a half hour, I finally roll out of bed. In a flurry of panic, I shower, put on my make up, do my hair and get dressed in warped speed.  As I fly out the door and rush to my car, I am stopped. My car windshield is covered in a thick layer of ice. This normally would put a cramp in my style, but scraping off enough so I can see out my windshield would make me even more late.

Unfortunately, this scenario runs like Groundhog day each and every day in the winter. It seems like I have forgotten that it snows and that I should wake up a little earlier to scrape off my car. But no. Every day it is like the first time… until I discovered a new trick that will save my early morning routine.

Did you know that if you spray vinegar on your windshield the night before it will stop the ice from freezing on the windshield? This morsel of information has just transformed my morning routine. Vinegar has a certain acid that actually raises the temperature to above freezing point. Sorry ice scraper. I think our relationship is over.

This got me thinking, what other household items can I use to make my winter go by more smoothly? Get ready, because these tips will forever change how you survive winter.

Squeaky wiper blades are not just annoying to hear, but it is often a precursor to wiper blades that leave streaks. Streaks on your windshield are more than just annoying, it can actually reduce your visibility impairing you to safely drive. Hope into your medicine cabinet and use some rubbing alcohol on your wiper blades. Rubbing alcohol is tough enough to wipe off any dirt and debris that is making your blades streak, and will help reduce the sound of squeaking instantly.

Freezing temps and ice quickly become beastly when your car lock is iced over. Do not worry about the hassle of bringing out a blow dryer to thaw out your lock. Some have suggested using some hand sanitizer to de-ice the lock. But you will have a better bet purchasing de-icer and using that. If you are feeling daring, you can use some boiling water to free the lock. But you are only adding more water into the lock which could freeze at a later point.

A foggy windshield occurs when too much moisture clings to the inside of the windshield. This is terrifying to drive in, but can be fixed. You can purchase a defogging cleanser from a car store, or you can use shaving cream. Just spray on and wipe off like you would with glass cleaner. If you are still fogging up, it can be tempting to recirculate the air, but resist. Use high temps and slowly decrease the air to zap the windshield blocking moisture.

With a few simple household ingredients, you too can banish the car winter blues.

There are cheap simple household ingredients to help you with your car needs. There are also simple cheap insurance plans that can help you protect your car. Use the form at the top of the page to find out how.

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